Firebase authentication build error

While Trying to build my app showing firebase config file error

I have added google-services.json to assets and same package name
then why this error occurs
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Did you add any empty firebase block??

Did you add valid firebase URL as well as token?

Did you add your app in Firebase exactly with same package name mentioned in your app?

Did firebase authentication need any firebase url
same package name as mentioned

My blocksblocks (2)

I found the problem…

I hope you, you have added the authentication to the existing firebase project , it may used for someother project.

My suggestion is, for authentication if you use fresh firebase project will work good. And no firebase block is needed…

Update: also I hope you enabled email authentication mode in the firebase project

Its a new Firebase project and only used for this authentication

Directly set up login?

First need to set up signup then , if it is success mean then only log in work na. Please check it up

only login in this app

Only login mean, imagine why authentication. is needed…

Authentication become meaningless

If the user finishes registration or sign-up completed then only log in become valid authenticated …

sign up s are done by anothers this app only contains login

Sorry I cont catch your point… sign up through another app but sign in via through this app… if so how firebase will authenticate the values ?, I don’t know.

During sign up if u stored all values in firebase and when user try to log in with this app then you can match with existing data with users input data. If both matches you can set app to move further.

Just trying it

what may be the reason to get that error

Logic only missing… if you are using login via mail it should have sign up succes sign up failed,

If you are using Google log in, it should have either current user sign in success and failed or log in success and failed…

You can find plenty of tutorial/guide in this community is available…

Better watch this

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Got the solution

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