Firebase Authentication Email and Phone Number sign in, in 1 Account

How can I create a Email and Phone Number Account. Email use for Login and Reset Password and Phone Number use for OTP and Verifications.

Like this;

  1. First creat login(authentication 1) via email. Once successful add another firebase authentication2, and authenticate via phone number. Then add blocks if they want to update phone.

what was the Authentication 2 for? then if I dd another authentication there will be 2 accounts.

please show your Blocks

No need if another acc, you can use same authenticator. Just enable both method in firebase project already one member tried and ot succeeded, so from that experience i am advising

It’s creating 2 Different Accounts. After i sign up, the otp has been sent on my sister’s mobile and i tried to add it on the OTP but when I check oj the Firebase there was 2 different Accounts, 1 in the Email and 1 in the Phone Number Account

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it’s happening to me too. It’s creating 2 different account one for Mobile Number and one for Email Address.

It’s already enabled though. Yes it’s working if the phone number is in my Phone but when it’s on other phone example if the Phone Number is in another Phone and you entered the OTP then, it’s making 2 Different Accounts

look it’s creating different account