Firebase Authentication Error

When I use Firebase Authentication component and export the app (.apk), the app export gets failed. But when I delete Firebase Authentication component and export it gets succeed. Please help me. I need to use this component in my app.

There are lot of topic about that you must search before posting or crearing an topic

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I searched every where for this since last 6 days but I did not found any of information about this.

@Rahul_Titambe may you please show us the error log that is coming on exporting the apk

Here it is.

@Rahul_Titambe read the post that i have posted there are all config file related issue

have you added your json file in assets

yes it is added

this is impossible there are so many topics on this question and none of them solves your doubt pls check every topic based on config error
pls check here - Search results for 'config error' - Kodular Community

Thank you every one.
The error has solved. I delete the current SHA1 key and export the app after deleting Firebase Authentication component. Then I download the app and refresh the page.
Then the new SHA1 key is generated. I used new key and generate the new .json file and then I upload it.
After doing all of this, finally it worked.

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