Firebase Authentication Error

Dear I made a app which is using Firebase authentication method for user sign in…
but when i directly download from kodular it’s work fine,but after uploading on Playstore during Signin it’s come error, sign in couldn’t done and say- Google may wrong .
what’s the reason please help​:blush:

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Can you show the error please. And what are your trying to do with the signin. Are you also using firebase DB?

just simple logic
i use firebase authentication to user can sign in sign up.
but when i use through kodular downloaded app they work perfect after login/signup opened another screen,but i have uploaded my same apk file to play store… and if i download that app from play store during signin… it show Google may wrong.

So the exact same version with the same version number wont work if you upload it to google store but it does work if you install it direct?

yes i am using same version no. same version code.

What authentication method are you using? email, google, facebook, ??

Sir i used google signin by Firebase Authentication, If i test my apk file it’s work fine user easily can login but after uploading same Apk file on play store user can able to signin…
it’s show error- Google may wrong,
What’s the problem is please help!:pray:

I read that problem now again, a user in past had the same error.
I use auth too but my app is not finish and if i make a APK and test it than it worked for me. But as i told my app is not published in app store.

It interest me if there is a problem:

My whole Login Process is made for Google. MY app does not work if you install your app without Playstore:
So i hope it will work.

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i found solution :v::relaxed:
thanks all

What is it. Please paste so others find it.


Go to PlayConsole account-select app-Release Management-app sigin-Appsign in certificate SHA1 copy and paste them in firebase authentication Fingerprint signature :v:
All set,Enjoy​:heart_eyes:


where do you mean is that, i cannot find it, can you make a screen shot please.

Here are some screenshots which help to easy to understand

if you Got it mark it as Solution :white_check_mark:


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