Firebase Authentication Google json problem

below is my json file which i had created few minutes ago in a fresh new project.
I had uploaded it to asset, my package name is correct but still when i try to export it says firebase authentication error.
I checked my json file, it is way different than my previous one. Lots of codes are missing.
Most important is SHA 1 certificate is missing.
please help me…!

This is link for my json file.
my package name- com.admedia.palusservices

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Read this, "firebase_url": "" is missing from your json

How can I add this and where?
I didn’t have much knowledge of coding

Open json with any text editor, for example notepad and between project number and project_id add
"firebase_url": "",

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Open JSON file through text editor, add your firebase url and press ctrl+s, exit from the text file. Now upload the edited json file into asset

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I did it, and now i am able to export my app.
But the OTP verification is getting failed. I am not receiving the otp.

If possible, share your blocks… You will get solution soon… did you enable phone authentication mode in authentication?

Did you inject sha key properly??

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What do you mean inject
This is my firebase console image and blocks

Also this section is missing from json file.
this screenshot is from my old json file of my old application.

Then do one thing. Delete the existing app from the firebase project then to add again, then download the json

I did it for 10 or more times

but still that certificate hash section is missing

is there any problem with firebase :joy:

Why don’t you try with fresh firebase project?

yes i did it the result is same,
i also used another firebase account, browser, device

If you don’t mind, can you share your aia

these are very simple bocks, in my previous project i had used much complicated than this. But still it works there
This is AIA
Palus_Services.aia (185.8 KB)

Found the problem… You enabled the user to input mobile num without country code, that is the problem. If user from india, he need to enter +91 but you didnt provide any place for that

Pls make changes in your project as shown in the picture and try


also in the spinning progress bar ple make change the value from 10 to 13

These were my starting settings.
These settings won’t work that’s why I changed it to number from mobile number.
And for country code look at the blocks.
I did it in the blocks section because it is just for indian users.