Firebase authentication: How to know what error occurred?

Lately I’m experimenting with the Firebase auth component. It does provide an efficient way to allow a user to login to an app. But my question is, if a user is trying to do something with this component and didn’t succeed, then how can we know what error occurred? Like, is a login failure caused by a wrong email or password, or maybe due to a bad network connection? And, it seemed that you developers have put a “verify email” function into the component, but what can users do after they had verified their email? I don’t see an event that will trigger after a user has verified his email. Last but not least, there aren’t any password changing or delete account function, which I think it’s very important to have to keep users’ data secure.
Now to achieve some of the functions I want, I had to use a Web component. But it will be more convenient for us if you developers put these functions in the component. I’m looking forward to your reply, and I hope you can add these functions soon :slight_smile: :smiley: