Firebase Authentication: Location "Belgium" isn't working

I got an error-message from :firebase: Authentication, which I never seen before and I found no topic on this community regarding to this error.

Today I created a new :firebase: Realtime Database and I chose “Belgium” as location. This location is new since end 2020. I added Firebase Authentication to my app, created the google-service-file (and didn’t rename it) and load it up on kodular.

Since then I get the following error-message when starting the app on my phone (as apk of course):

“Runtime Error: For a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication features!”

I’m working now for over one year with :firebase: Authentication and have no idea, what this should means or what I must change…

I checked package name, :firebase: URL, E-Mail/Password sign in is activated…

Has anyone an idea? :thinking:

Okay, I did two tests. I created one new Realtime Database in US and one new in Belgium. US is working without any problems and I got the same error message for Belgium.

I mark this topic as “bug”. Maybe @Kodular must update the SDK or the bug is one Firebase side (Belgium Realtime Database is in beta-status).

Please write, if anyone other uses Realtime Database in Belgium together with Authentication and it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you deleted localhost or added domain in your project ?

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Hi, thanks for your help!

I deleted localhost, but same error again. :thinking:

But which domain should I add? There are two auto generated domains.

First of all I just asked you whether you have deleted localhost or not ? This error message may be occurred due to deleting localhost or adding domain.

I didn’t say you to delete localhost.

But unfortunately it made no difference, if localhost is deleted or not and no, I added no domain by myself.