[Firebase Authentication] Logout component returns error

Hello, does somebody has further knowledge about how “Logout” works?

Im trying to log the current user out (I’ve got a label test that tests the user is logged in) but this is what it returns - Also tried frist using componente “get current user” and then “current user succes” to be even more sure that there is an user loggeed in

Check if the user is logued first. You can’t Logout if you are not logued (I not shure)

Yes, I’ve already tested that before logging out. (twice)

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Does this error occur in the apk?
Have you uploaded the google.services.json file?

Yes, this happens in the .apk file - I’ve also got uploaded the json files (I created the users via my app, no creating them in firebase)

Are you using firebase authentication with Google login?

If yes, then logout block will logout the current user, and when he come back he needs to login again.

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No, I am using it with mail and password (I’ve got google.files added as I create accounts from inside the app) - Funny thing I made a dummy app and it works perfectly (do not drop any error)

Also add the when current user failed block. See what happened.