Firebase Authentication not working after I published my app on Playstore

Above is my app link which is published on playstore, im having issue with login now after i published it, before whenever i export apk Login system was working fine i tried dozen of times before,
but now after publish i downloaded my app in 3 4 mobiles but im stuck on login screen.
I have used firebase authentication system to simply login with gmail.

Help me if anyone know the solution Thank u

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By seeing your apk and post , it is highly impossible to help.
We need your blocks or aia?

Check yourself one by one if not.

If you are using firebase, check in the designer mode whether project bucket is there or not. If it is there, make sure it is correct or not as per your structure. If it is no need clear it and try

Is the Arabic language available for the app? I would like your app to be useful to my students

Issue is solved buddy, thank you for your time

No its in English only

What you did it to work?

Well goggle play console changed SHA-1 key after publishing, so I uploaded that changed key on firebase project in settings.
It worked right away.

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