Firebase Authentication Not Working

(Harsh Rajput) #1

I publish my app on play store. But when I installed my app from play store firebase auth was not working. when I exported my apk and then tested my app, it was working.

Please solve this problem.

(Cian) #2

Show your blocks please and what authentication you are using.

Describe what your trying to do with the authentication.

(Harsh Rajput) #3

(Cian) #4

You need to explain what your end result expectation is.

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #5

I think that there is a bug with Firebase Authentication.
I am trying to get phone number but it return an empty string.
Except this all things are working.

(Deep Prajapati) #6

You may upload a Google json file in Assets … You may check videos on YouTube…

You can set up blocks like this:- Untitled

(Deep Prajapati) #7

For any question, you can contact me …

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #8

As I said everything is working except ’ get phone number ’ how can this happen?

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(Deep Prajapati) #9

Yes you are right…Get Phone number is not working…

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