Firebase Authentication Not Working

I publish my app on play store. But when I installed my app from play store firebase auth was not working. when I exported my apk and then tested my app, it was working.

Please solve this problem.

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Show your blocks please and what authentication you are using.

Describe what your trying to do with the authentication.

You need to explain what your end result expectation is.

I think that there is a bug with Firebase Authentication.
I am trying to get phone number but it return an empty string.
Except this all things are working.


You may upload a Google json file in Assets … You may check videos on YouTube…

You can set up blocks like this:- Untitled

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For any question, you can contact me …

As I said everything is working except ’ get phone number ’ how can this happen?

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Yes you are right…Get Phone number is not working…

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copy sha1 google console to firebase sir.

Hi @maqbul_muhajir welcome to the community.
I said that everything is working except get phone number block.
May be it is working now because I have not used it for two months.

hey am also getting the same problem, when i export apk and test the Firebase Auth works, but when the app is installed from play store it doesn’t, please suggest something,

when a user selects his google account, nothing happens


further the user profile image, username and user email are stored in firebase through my app, but the Authentication is not working and ultimately nothing gets stored in firebase !
@Diego sorry to call you here, but it has been 3 months and this bug has not been fixed, my app is on play store ready to be shared but it can’t run without Firebase Authentication and therefore becomes useless.

please resolve it

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We have updated Firebase libs and rewritten the component
It will work after the update


okay thanks for your time

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Will the other login methods add?

I have a doubt, after the update releases do I have to delete and re-add the FIREBASE AUTH. components and its blocks ?? or I just have to re-Export the apk after the update ?

hey @Diego can you clear this doubt please

Will this have something to do?

My Number Phone: Unknow

No, it won’t be needed
We just updated the libraries and functions, not the methods

Does that mean they don’t add the other methods?

Eso quiere decir que no agregarán los otros métodos?