Firebase Authentication Problem

When I Export app and test in phone authentication works but when i upload apk in play store authentication not works tell that login failed . I test in 2 accounts and 2 apps same problem . tell me the solution

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show us what you did.

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Our Block . Please Slove this anyone [quote=“plang58, post:2, topic:18571, full:true”]
show us what you did.

you should show us your blocks and your error code

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Me too face the same problem

This will only work in your APK not in Companion APP

It’s not working in the that I uploaded to play store and downloaded from play store

Did you look if your package names are ident in firebase and in your app? And you uploaded the google . service file and you insert your sha 1 Key in firebase in the auth section???

When I download it form kodular it’s working but when I upload the same apk to play store and download it again it’s not working.

That i read the first time.
Do you check ifyour uploaded apk in play store is really the same apk and not a older apk?
YOu should make a Logcat and post it herre, Than we can see what is wrong and which error the app has. Otherwise we cant help you, we need a Logcat, there we see the exact Error whicch happend.
It is pretty simple to do that. You find a tuturial i believe from Mikka in the Community.
Follow that and upload the Logcat here pls.

How to get the logcat

My problem is not alive

Google can help you for that.


I have slove it . It is only a telling fault . I will make a video soon

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