Firebase Authentication + Webview Load Problem

Added firebase authentication to my app and put google sign in button and it’s fine. But just doing google sing in again is showing web view link only once.

For example :- You sign in the app, then the web will load on the home screen, it is ok, then when you exit the app, and enter the app again, the link will not be shown.

webview will show the link when you sign in logout and sign in again. I have tried many times to solve the problem but can’t.

Sign in screen screenshot
blocks (1)

Screen 2 Block Setup Screenshot


please help :pray:

If you use common sense and check your blocks you will realize that when screen1 starts you make a query to the DB and immediately direct to HOME, without giving time for the GET response.

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I’m sorry for the language you used! It would be nice if you could explain it better. Everyone can make mistakes. thank you

Move these blocks into the GotCell event of the spreadsheet component


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Thanks Taifun, it really works. Thank you very much for your help. :heart:

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