Firebase authentication with mysql database

Can anyone help me to connect firebase authentication with mysql database.
User can login or signup with email and password or Google account using firebase authentication. After completing profile data should be save on MySQL database.
Even reinstall user can call his profile with google account and MySQL to do it.please help me

Yeah, It’s Very Easy
Use This MySQL User Login And Registration
Simply Drag Firebase Auth Component and then when login success store that details on Mysql Database

Beware of SQL Injection … :+1:

I’m also using this and I have more than 200K active users on my app and didn’t face any SQL Injection issue
If you have better option please share with us.

Ye :smile:a. You did. with copied codes. and when asked, he changed in a few minutes for another code, with a completely different profile. :wink:
Don’t be upset young. I’ll rest because tomorrow, I have a game of beach tennis. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can you make a aia for me please