Firebase Authentication

i want to know something about firebase authentication as i read firebase has free plan 10000 otp and i thought todo, When 10000 user reaches limit i will delete all accounts but i will save their id in tinyDB for login after verification, so after i delete can i register again 10000 user?

If you delete all users after you’ve reached your limit authentication, the user can no longer be connected to the database even If you store their ID’s. If what you’re trying to achieve is getting your user into the application by otp after which their ID’s will be stored then that will not be possible. Once you’ve reached your limit you cannot add more users unlike Airtable.

No what i want to say is simply can I add another 10000 user after i deleting or clearing all users from firebase authentication because the only reason i need otp is to verify real phone number

Even you delete, free plan will offer first 10000 OTP only. Authentication will not work… if store their details in tinyDB, they can go next time login by skipping the authentication but if they delete the app or clear cache their tinyDB also will clear and will need one more time authentication

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