Firebase Authentication

The Firebase Auth block have the option to set profile picture and name, once you store that info when you try to retrieve that data you get nothing.
In the Firebase site into the Authentication screen there is no picture or name field at all.
So, where the photo and the name went and how can I display that in my app?

Hmmmm, maybe this isn’t a bug if it’s been added.

So, why isn’t it working like it should?

Did you read my response correctly, maybe not :sweat_smile:… I said, if the variable was added maybe it’s not a bug. The variable is supposed to exist yet they have the code wrong. Understand now?

Its working but its bugly.You need use any url like cloudinary url.

There is litle trick.When i used it in the after succesfully sing up its not work.But when i use it after waiting litle its works.

I just have 2 step sing up process.First user singup then select Name and profile picture.This fixed my problem because user need wait before using update profile

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No need to be ironic man, chill.

It wasn’t ironic… I was simply pointing out something which you may not have understood.

Ah got it Ali, thanks a lot dude, I’ll try that and tell you if it works!