Firebase authentication

I have an app (named “Main app”) which uses firebase :firebase: to load some updated data which is applied to the app’s content (let’s imagine it’s like a “News” corner that looks for recent articles and shows them to all users).
To upload those “News” to Firebase, I use another app (named “Second app”) with some TextBoxes (I have to fill this data: Title, Header, Explanation, Author, External links).
When I click the “Send” button, all text of TextBoxes is joined with a “&” and sent to Firebase’s database.
I want that everybody who download my app “Main app” can read new articles, so my database’s “read” property is set to “true”.
The problem is that if I want to post new articles form my “Second app”, I have to set the “write” property to “true”, but anybody who finds my Firebase URL could access to my database and mess it up.

I know that Firebase has an “Authentication” page where users have to log into his Google account (or other social media) to access the database. Does anybody know how can I make it on Makeroid :makeroid:? (I mean, to log on my Google account to make changes in my database from the “Second app” made on Makeroid)

Thank you very much! :blush:

For highest security, log into Firebase Console and directly write into the database. Otherwise for Admin App, don’t just share it with anyone. Also, no one can harm your DB without the Legacy Secret Key. Never ever share it.

Just to let you know that we are working on many new Firebase components, including Firebase Authentication


One of which is Firebase Authentication. :wink:


Including this would be great.
After 1 year :joy:

i believe there are more important firebase features as sms auth, did you look what you have to pay for that if your app have a few user. ? I believe some feature like Firebase Dynamic Links or Firebase Anlaytics or Firebase MSG are for a lot of user like me more important. Or Auth User with the other social media Pages.
SMS Auth costs a lot of money for a small amount of user it is ok. Look at the payment plan for firebase.

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Well… I just saw that we cand send one time password system through firebase…I didn’t saw pricing yet… Lol :joy: will later

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Any progress on SMS otp verification?

or for the other feature which was in talk in december?

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