Firebase authentication

when the login is successful and enter the home screen. then when switching screens and back to the home menu an error appears

Your Start value is an empty string.

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Why you don’t search fisrt, i’m shure you found the answer

first time make android apk, please help…

how the block is coded, please help

Start by value is the value which you get from other screen while switching to the current screen.

Basically the screen from which you are opening this screen should have the block open screen with start value, in the start value space, you should use make a list block to add
blocks (13)

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what the code is like

this code for screen login or home??

Screen1… I mean the screen from which you are opening the other screen

This code works, but how to make the image and name appear

if you are passing image and name from one screen to another then you should include that in start value when opening other screen and also show your blocks of login screen and you should mark my post as solution as the error is solved

so, the image, name and logout are only in the home screen, how to make it back to the home image and the name still appears

You are already in home screen so why?

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