Firebase Authorization

let me send again

i see mine is blank let me check that sorry

Paste the package name from Firebase Console there.

do i have to past the whole one or part, i have done all not working.

Paste the whole package name. The two should be exactly identical.

i have done it like that its not working?

Still getting a compiler error? Make sure the two are same, delete the JSON from Assets, and import the file from “Download the latest config file”.

Read that guide:-

Yes still the same error i will do it again and see…

just wtach this video and follow all steps properly !

It can be a Kodular problem (Total nothing is perfect)

Because after the last update I had an error when exporting, however I waited 1 hour and it worked

  • No offense to anyone, I love Kodular
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It works fine for me. :man_shrugging:

Hi Guys managed to fix this issue Thanx :grinning:

If you solved then post it here.

it was a simple fix just had to get the latest json file thanks to Kanishka

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Then mark the post as solution.

I have done so…

will it be possible to assist me in the following problem i have?

hi guys i am back again on this topic, the issue was fixed and now its not working anymore, anyone else got the same issue?

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