Firebase cascade gettaglist help

I’ve a firebase bucket organized like this image:


I’m able to get taglist of Farm (to colorize them to show precence),
but - in cascade - I’m not able to correctly get tag list for Farmers (to list presence in single farm).

step1: color each FARM in white, color in green each farm in which farmer are present.
It works with this main block (it uses list of element: canvas or farm names used to identify farm)

step2: Doesnt work… I want to make a second level taglist, using a different Firebase bucket, in order to enter in the node: farmX and get all tags (that are names of farmers present in farm).
I do this for each element in the list of farm that are green colored.
So i call iteratively a second level get tag list changing project bucket (using a different firebase component that points to the same firebase db).

It doesnt work. it seems it catch just one farm node: the last one that appears in the list f green farm.

See there is no for How did to set list global canvaslist…

Pls show us that procedure there by we could help you

here is more detailed screenshot for my code.
I wrote in line some comments.

farm “colorizing” works,
farmers label text “writing” doesn’t work

many thanks