Firebase change data - Starting Screen


I want to notify specific users when data storage changes and It´s working just fine.
For this I´m using data change to notify every time anything changes on data storage.

My question is about starting the screen. When the screen is initialized It always notify as the blocks is localized on Initialization and I trying to ignore this kind of bug.
One way to do this I create a label to increase number every time changes happend and notify only in the secund time but nothing happends.
Here the blocks in my app for you to see what I´m doing.

I tried to find a way to avoid this issue but until now nothing.
Anyone has an idea?

The issue is if there is no number in the label it wont work.

Set a global variable . Firststart = True

On Text Change If Firststart = true, skip, and set Firststart = false
else — Do what it is you do.

I can´t say how much I am thank to you! It works!
You save my app.

If you can help me just one more time, there is any way to do this in background too?
I believe it isn´t possible with Firebase data change.

Thank you very much.

Not while the application is closed nope

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