Firebase - Cloud Messaging Extension - Some Testers Needed

Some testers needed to test FCM Extension

com.kabby.firey.firemessaging.aix (618.3 KB)

Just a simple aix :sweat_smile:


How do I test it

You can import it in your project and try some functions
put services.json file in assets

Note : make sure to drag push notifications component

Ok i wil do

Runtime Error: Failed resolution of: Lcom/google/firebase/FirebaseApp

Any idea?

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Have you tested this yourself?

Why not tell what the extension does and provide some sample blocks or aia for others to test.


I will help you by testing this extension I will tell the results tonight after testing with android 10 , 11 , 9

Also as @Peter mentioned give some documentation

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You are a prokoder I don’t think you will need documentation. It’s straight forward but doesn’t work

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Well, Its working


Friends I will launch aix soon

com.kabby.firey.firemessaging.aix (1.7 MB)


Now its fixed :smiley:
I added all required libs

extension works finely to receive notifications from both Console and App

Demo Blocks

Bug #1

Apk closes on first run due to some null content

Fix : would be provided soon

Hello, i have a question as you written above that also darg push notification but why i know that one signal is not working in apps with API 30 but is this will work for onesignal or not?

Friend my aix is now standalone, you dont need to drag any components now :smiley:

Oh… really​:astonished: and one last question is there any option to put any id or something else

wut do u mean by id? user id? topicId? userToken?

I mean from where the notifications come from

Firebase console

A question, receive message in the background too?

If I need a tester, just call me on dm

No error but don’t get any notification