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hello community,
Can someone explain me how the block data changed work.
Normaly the block should work if a data in the database changed. The block do his work if i send a value to firebase with the block store value. But if i install the apk on a other app the user store a value in the same tag the block does not work in the other app. Should the block not do his work if the databased changed. If i change the database on firebase herself, the app does not do anything and normaly the block data changed should do his work.
Can someone help me pls.
In all the videos you see that it works in the same app if a user store a value in firebase. Than the block data changed work. But you dont see if it works if i install the app on a few devices.
This block works only in this app and the block works only if you store a value in firebase with the block store value. I dont know what i can do now.

Data changed is triggered whenever the app detects a difference between the local firebase and the cloud. If you turn off Persist, you get Data Changed triggers at app launch. Otherwise, you only get the event when a change is detected by the app (because of the way this works, checking local and cloud, it’s not fully reliable in case of bad network connection).

Hopefully this answers your question.


okok, that tells me something, but can you explain me the option persist. What do you mean with show me data changed trigger. is it better for a chat to turn it on or off. I dont see a different if i start the app with and without this option.

what does tis mean?Error from Companion: You cannot change the Persist value of Firebase after Application Initialization, this includes the Companion.

Is this error maybe because you already have the Companion running? Because thwen the app is running and has been initialized. Try to stop the companion and start over after you have edited Persist Value.

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It effectively lets your app keep the Firebase data, while it’s offline. The data remains even after reopening the app.

When FirebaseDB.DataChanged

Chat apps should use Persist, for a better experience.

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