Firebase Data Sequence Issue


C10 and C11 are added after C9 and they appear and also get fetched after C1.

I want the firebase data in natural sequence. What is the best way out?

(Sorry I am not an IT person. I just love this Kodular Platform to build apps hence I am here, so kind help is required.)

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Use list utilities extension to sort your list in alphabetically no matter how it is arranged in firebase.

Search about this extension in community.

You can store in this secuense to keep the order
c01, c02, c03, …, c10, c11

You are right but what will happen in case of C101, C1001?

Okay I will check this. Thank you.

I don’t know how many items you need to store into firebase because you didn’t say so.
Over 100
c001, c002, c003, …
Over 1000
c0001, c0002, c0003, …

Right, that means I have to assume some digits for that. Thank you for your support.

I’m glad my suggestions have helped you. Please mark the post with the solution to close the topic.

In firebase numbers are considered as a string… so the sequence I get is 1 , 11, 19 , 9 instead of 1, 9, 11, 19 .

what can be an alternate solution to get the required data in correct order?

You have to store values like 01, 09 like wise so that it can be sorted out in ascending order.

I tried that. It doesn’t even work that way… in that case firebase provides 100, 010, 011, 001 this sequence. And expected one is like 001, 010, 011, 100

So require some other working solution. Thank you.

Show your database structure i will try something

I solved your question from the first post in post #5
Now your last question is related to the same component but different. It has nothing to do with the initial question.

anyway you must use the bubble method to order the tags. it’s done in app invertor but you can do the same in kodular

Edit: @The_K_Studio take a look at the link I’m sure you will be interested !!!

Sure. But how can I??

Tab Learn more next access to the web.
Edit: If you can access i can paste here the site ( I think ) …

Shop Categories:

Trying to display in the same sequence.

Minimise all your database and just show all list of tags.

Starting from 11 to 20 are the keys… why do you need another screenshot?

Sorry, this is not the solution. It does not provide or keep the sequence.

It provides C01, C11, C10 order

Did you tried this order with list utilities extension?