Firebase Database | A Guide for Beginners

I only store texts, I don’t know, when it will be full. Thank for replying

The Texts are the Data

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I know, but text size is very small

Small Text only uses some Bytes

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Thank you so much! God bless you!

I have a question
Can we sort the firebase information
Let’s say 10 20 30 40
it all gets mixed up
I want it to be 10 20 30, is it possible
thank you



Firebase won’t mix any Data it’s stored in JSON form

If you want to know how to order the data then you should refer the with Kodular Blocks

I have Firebase database like this:


When I set Bucket in designer to “TestBucket” and get value with tag Blockcoding, It gives me this JSON result:

{"Web Program":"Scratch", "Moblie":"Kodular"}

And I can use this data in my app, but what if I want to get data from TestBucket/Blockcoding/Mobile with desired result of “Kodular”?

It returns you a JSON result as you are reading its parent tag or name.
You need to specify the whole path after the bucket if you have created Folders and Subfolders.
You can set the tag to Blockcoding/Mobile as you have set the bucket already.
This may also help you.

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If you set firebase url as

and use the fierbsae get tag as Mobile, you will get the result as Kodular


Response in app

Can anyone help me with this,
The storing and retrieving of data works fine with the app, But may I know if I could save the data without the " ",
example :

You see only the Mains tag’s value is stored within the " ". Is there a way to save the data without the quotes like in the other tags ?

Thank You !

Did you store manually? While retrieving it wil come without any "

Without an extension, you can’t. It is because the method responsible for setting values accept string only. Even if you put a number, it will be converted into a string.

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So can you what kind or which extension would help me in this case ?

Thank you !

I don’t think there is a firebase available for storing numbers directly. Correct me if I am wrong.

Anyway, for numbers, if there are "s in the retrieved value, you can use a simple replace text method to replace the double quotation with empty string in order to remove them. Make sure there are no quotation when uploading.

no not fixed in me

Hi everyone, I’m developing an application that will use a chat and it’s very similar to the firebase structure you’re talking about, I’d like to know if you guys know any way I can query the names of the project buckets, because the id of people are in the name of the project buckets, and so far I’ve only found ways to look up the project bucket tag values.


Anyway, thank you in advance…

You can use this method to sort firebase data.

use resim

As for the “Firebase Error”, the only thing that solved it for me was to call the GET VALUE function before the Append Value. I also use the If Firebase ERROR block, continue without modification