Creating Folders and Subfolders in Firebase Database


Firebase is a service by Google dedicated to back-end services.
One of their services of Firebase is Firebase Database.
Firebase Database is a service used to store Data in Cloud
In Kodular the firebase database can be accessed at Components ~ Google ~ Firebase Database

If you have no prior knowledge of the Firebase Database.
I recommend check out the guide for beginner and then to refer to this guide

Did you know that in Firebase Database you can create folders, subfolders, and so on
Folders, SubFolder can be made in Firebase by adding “/” between the path
This is the same method of navigating folders in the


The first word “FolderName” is the Folder.
The word next to / is the Tag Name.

You can also create multiple subfolders in a folder.
For Example,


The above would create a folder named “Folder” inside it it would create a Tag named as “Tag” with the value “Your Data”.

Let’s see how it looks in Firebase Console

So now we can organize our Data instead of making it untidy.
So we can find the Data easily than before

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Good Work.

Suggestion :

Explain how the right and wrong way to structure the database. Show the reasons for avoiding nesting and the correct way to structure.


How do I store different data in the same tag?

overwrite, or append ?

Tag myList: [“dog”,“cat”,“pig”,“hen”]

First time while saving in the place of Value use make a list. So it will save different values in the same tag.

Eg tag name : xy
Value : make a list: abc, above, djdjs, snsb (as suggest by Taifun
Next time if you want to save more values in the same tag use append block

I don’t want to overlap the information, and that is what is happening. I want to add new information.
Example today on the 21st, get this information. Tomorrow and the 22nd and it gets new information while keeping the previous day’s information safe.

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Very simple
First time while you try to save use this block,

Second time while you try to save use this block,


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