Firebase Database Component Bug : AUTO ENTER BUCKET NAMES

Describe your issue

Hello the Firebase Compoent in Kodular has a minor bug. It automatically adds the bucket name if left empty, even If i don’t want to. Every time it has to be deleted, so that it gets value from tags that are defined in the blocks, otherwise it adds a random Project Bucket Name from one of my projects, this occurs only if the project name bucket is left empty.

Steps to reproduce the issue

please disable the feature to auto fill the project bucket name

Expected Behaviour

it should not fill the project bucket names until i enter it manually

Actual Behaviour

it adds any project bucket name of any of my projects, and if there are multiple projects, it happens that sometimes it adds random project names

Show your Blocks

not necessary

Android version

not necessary


Yes… It is…
I do set firebase project bucket on blocks everywhere I use firebase component…

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yes same problem happened with me also app name automatically add in bucket name

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