Firebase Database error!

I getting some error in my app.

I am using firebase database in my app. everything is working fine. The app can fetch the data from firebase and show the result but getting error message, when app starts. The error message is " For a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication features! ". I searched on community before posting here but i found 2 post, but the problem is not solved there.

Why do you have created multiple post? The same query can be found at here

Posting in multiple places wI’ll you bad impression, so I suggest you to delete the post from one place

Probably you manipulate your database values before you set the correct value for FireBaseURL.

I haven’t done anything i just created a new database and connect it with kodular

I have added both firebase api key and url.

Still getting error in apk?

Yeah, now i delete that project from firebase. But also i am getting same error in app.

Yeah, i have enabled firebase authentication but i haven’t used that component in kodular. I have used firebase database.

I will share it tomorrow because its already 11 pm so

Hi, I had the same problem, please check that post to see if my solution works for you…

Kind regards,

I encountered this problem and solved it by accident. I have to enter the base key first and then the link I have worked for

Thank you @vcode_spain i will try it

Thank you @_FTTX i will do the same

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