Firebase Database Hacked

plz plz help me argent someone hacke my firebase data and delet all data

plz say what i do i use hacke procted extension but how to they hack and what i do now

I assume he just dug in the apk and found your API token and firebase URL and then just edited the values. Might be wrong though.

Obfuscate your API and Tokens,

Read this.


If you authenticate everyone with some login process you will need to experiment with this, however this “should” allow anyone authenticated to ready /posts/ . Only the user to write to /$uid/, and anyone authenticated to read and write chat.

“rules”: {
“posts”: {
“.read”: “auth !== null”,
“$uid”: {
“.write”: “$uid === auth.uid”
“.read”: “auth !== null”,
“.write”: $auth !== null",

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