Firebase Database [how to] dynamically

There is a bucket as images in this bucket there are 2 bucket but in future I will create more than two.
Now in these buckets there are two tag as link and name.
Now I want to set link in dynamic image extension and name in label

This is incompleted because I don’t know how to do this with firebase


May be you can try like this

Not working. @Still-learning
Cards are not created in the app so the problem is before create cardview

It would be easier if you used web component to get data from firebase

https:// < PROJECTID >

You can use web component method instead of getting taglist

Set your web url as https:// your project/images/.json

And in the dictionary field add link and name in the circle marked fields. And use the same procedure what you are using now…

BTW I’ve never used web component :sweat_smile:
Which block I have to use
@Still-learning @dora_paz

Try this method, you will feel easy to use rather than firebase

And in the procedure use only one select list item list block alone…


Select list item list (get global link)
Index (get number)

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https://< PROJECTID>

I have to write same as it or I have to fill project id

You have to fill project’s url

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You are wrong. It is small letter i but you have used I

Your project id /images/.json

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How can I get this content dynamically
@dora_paz @Still-learning

You see the logic behind in this is, . After using the web you will be getting your firbase items under the project images as a json and we are using the dictionary block to separate them into two list having the tag name of link and name.

Now you are having two individual lists as global name list and global link list.

Once the list ready create the dynamic component and use the block for each number from 1 to 1 by 1 … so you will get orderly items from each list and use this in the day amic component.

Got it

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I always get most of my answer from @Still-learning and @dora_paz
Thank you

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If you are struck at any point , post here regarding this topic… you will get solution sooner from anyone…

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