Firebase database loading images problem

Hi everybody. I created a wallpaper app called the images from the firebase database. App works properly on my own device oppoA37. Firebase database loaded well and properly, but when I try on some other devices data not loaded (not showing any error). I am confused if there is any problem then why working on my own device, if everything is fine then why not loading data on other devices. Working on my device means no error in code, maybe problem in firebase. I have set “read” “write” rules to “true”. I tried using different codes but every time working on my device but not on other devices.
Please help me…

I believe what you store is a URL link. Test what it is returning.

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Please show us the database screenshot about what you have stored
Are you using cloudinary or any other storage for images?

Dear all thanks for your help. Images start loading now. The problem was due to the check on High Quality Images. When I uncheck the High Quality Images images start loading. Now can you please help me how I can set High Quality Images after loading the images?
Thanks again! You are all doing good job!

You can set it through block after loading