Firebase database price

First of all, hello everyone, I made an application with firebase, but my application is downloaded too much. So I saved 1kb file but there is 5mb daily download. and at this speed I reach the 10gb limit very quickly. How does this happen? No matter what I tried, I couldn’t reduce the download data of the application, can I solve this with a useful plugin like firebase or hosting?

Is it possible to make a system that works like firebase with

According to your insight you wont reach even 1GB for this month.

This is how it is measured

In addition to your request, what type of data do you download? Is this being used as hosting it self, or do you download files such as .csv, json?

Only I use the application and although I only use it, it is calling 4mb data per day. which means 120mb per month. If there are 100 users, it becomes 12gb in the application.

I get your point, what type of data are you calling from firebase?

You can optimize your free monthly bandwidth usage. There are multiple mathods to do that.

Only way is to reduce the file size

You can get all data on first time loading, but Only get those data which updates everytime. This will reduce it very much

One way to escape firebase is to use AppWrite. It is an open soruce, free to use, selfhosted application developed by the poeople that started the firbase project originaly. The only problem is that it can’t be hosted on shared hosts but only on VPS. The VPS that can hanndle this app starts from 3 euros per month, but the best option is 5 euro per month VPS from Contabo. Also, there is still no kodular exstension for this platform. It is on my list for development but no time left latly.

use baserow instead