Firebase DB get teg list problem

I have use 2 Arrangements (1:- No payments,2:- payment history)so I want to create a logic system if firebase DB get teg list or get value is =0 ,then No payments Arrangements visible to true or payment history visible to false ,
Else if firebase DB get teg list or get Value is not equal to 0 the No payment arrangements visible to false & payment history arrangements visible to true

Try to do some search before creating a new topic to get some basic information.

BTW you can use these blocks below

I tried in this way. have a look at it. In your firebase structure if it found payments tag then it will return payment label visible also the value.

If it not found any such tag mean it will return as payment not done. for more, pls ref the blocks
(i have answered as per your query, irrespective of logic)

Initially i have hidden all the labels

Before adding payments tag

after adding payment tag

firebase structure


@Sweety_Ray , so it is not a problem.
instead of label you can use anyother but i repeat initially i have untick the visible from the designer mode.

That’s my payment structure

  1. What is the meaning of b2bb…?
  2. Is this payment for single user or multiple user?

B2bb55**** is a device id (I use device utilities.device I’d to create user information and the payment is single user
All user payment is separate from his device id teg
User only see her payment details only not others payment details

you want to show the payments value in any list view or just in label? blocks are ready, if you answer this

If the device id correct mean , then result will look like as below

I assure you that this code will work for 100%.

I also done this process , I want to know ,I have use 2 Arrangements (arrangements 1 is No payments Arrangements and arrangements 2 is payment history , payment history show payment details ) if user have no payment history show No payments Arrangements is visible to true or payment history arrangements is visible to false and if user have payment history show Arrangements 1 no payment is visible to false and payment history visible to true

As I said earlier, use two arrangement and unmark visible.

As given in the block you add ,replace the label by arrangement, it will work. Very simple

Okk I’ll try Thank you so much for this help

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