Firebase DB Value Add Problem


I have a problem that I am creating an online game app in which I ask the user to either host or join a group. The creating of group is working but joining is not working. In joining i want that when a person joins a group with a unique group id i want his name to be added to the database.


I am not able to do that here are my blocks:-

Blocks are completely wrong.

You have added get tag list as well read from the tag list in the same blocks. When button click andand no error means set firebase to get tag list

Then put another block in firebase block called when Firebase got tag list, there you use is in the list block


Try this, Working perfectly

@Akshat_Rana , I cont understand, here why do you generate random number for group ID. I modified to display it in text , you can change it into your convenient. Solved your doubts?


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Thankyou @Still-learning Got it right…

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Welcome @Akshat_Rana

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