Firebase does not work

For some reason my Firebase getrequest doesnt work. I have multiple and those work but for some reason this one doesnt work where it should. It works with the .When initialised But not were I want it to. The last one of the .onclick is the one that does not work. If I manualy do it by richt click and then do it it does work. It jist doesnt in the code itself (The Notifier I used to debug. It shows when right click but not in the code)

Yes blocks are wrong… after reading particular tag or project bucket, why are you calling again firebase value to get??

Show your Firebase values, and tell us what you want? We will help you

So I want it so when a player clicked to join a group or created one it is gonna check for available space and if there is what. so it checks slot 1 first until slot 4. In my firebase are the user Ids and Group ids. and some info about a user.

In this firebase , what is called as slot?
Is this firebase value of user1, or the all the users details?

I tag will tell 1 players info. You can see the player tag and after that “false” for now.

Show the app error

It doesnt give a error. it does nothing only if i do it manualy it works

You may set up firebase to call when screen initialise, try the same pattern you call firebase after pressing a button

It works now, but I still dont understand why it doesnt when clicking. also I dont know If I am able to make it that way but i will try.

Finally found the problem… For some reason if it stores a value you have to wait about half a second before storing another one.

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