Firebase dynamic links generator

Hey everyone, I have created a simple app
App name - Firebase dynamic links generator
Description - With this app you can generate dynamic links for your app and you can use custom webviewer extension by vknow360 to get which link had opened your app.
Screenshot -

Apk -
dynamic-links.apk (5.2 MB)


200K+ Monthly or overall limit

It is good but you really have to deal with the UI.

This app is only meant for usage by koders to create dynamic links.

Requests are limited to 5 requests/IP address/second, and 200,000 requests/day.
It is set by firebase, not by me.

I don’t Understood is it helpful for me or not. Can you Explain little how can i use it.

Do you mean that if i entered the package name of my app and uses this link in chrome it can redirect to my app.

I dont know too, if a leave the package name empty the link is still usable.

Hi @Sherpuraala
I appreciate your work :+1:

But neither your topic is suitable for #koded category nor for #guides category.
I suggest you to complete your project then show here.

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It is bit like facebook, you share the link of user and when that link is clicked it opens facebook website or app. The same way it creates a link you want to open in your app and when the link generated is clicked it opens the package name provided. And the link generated can be detected by the custom webviewer extension by vknow360.

Just asking friendly, are you willing to share the AIA, or do you plan on making this a nice project in the future?

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Here’s the aia file
dynamiclink.aia (217.5 KB)


How can I do this can anyone show me blocks



How Can We Generate Short Links Using This Method?

FireBase Dynamic Links Docs:-

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