Firebase E-mail verification?

I have created an application in which there is an option for creating account. After the user enters his e-mail and password, a verification e-mail containing a verification link from Firebase is sent to his account. The problem I’m facing is that the users get created in Firebase even without clicking on the verification link and verifying their e-mail. So, how can I prevent users to get created before verifying themselves in Firebase?

Search YouTube. There are lots of tutorial videos on firebase authentication.

Thank you for your suggestion but there is no video on what I’m asking.

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Hello! I have the same problem, I need to authenticate the user’s email before registering him.

But I haven’t even been able to send the email yet, the following message appears:

cannot build actioncodesettings with null URL. call #seturl (string) before calling build ()

Can you help me? I didn’t find the solution in other posts on kodular or youtube, if you find it please reply with the link here.

I tried to put the URL in the Firebase Database but it doesn’t work.

If using firebase is not must for you, try out this method of validating the signup with one time password sent on email.