Firebase Email Signup Problem

Hey there! I am implementing Firebase Signup & Login to my app. And, when trying to Signup, this is the problem coming… Look at the pic…

Any solution please?

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Really dude. I am facing the same problem. But i think that i m doing mistake so i am waiting…

Seems it works only with plain textbox (email & password both)… But, I need to set one Textbox as Password textbox…

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I am using two different textbox one for mail & another one for password still i m facing prblm.

Same here…

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when all this bug going to be solve ?

It’s working for me. I am input type email and password

Can you show your blocks please?


This is the block… And, 1 textbox type is set to Password.

Hi @techyguyhelp , Can you please show the working blocks?

Same as shown by you in the previous post

Hmm! Unfortunately that’s not working!

Did you change the textbox type in its property.

Yes… One is Email and other One Password

Have you submitted your SHA1 in firebase authentication settings.

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No, as it’s optional! :roll_eyes:

Thats the problem try summiting it and i can bet it will work.

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Let see if works! Advance thanks by the way! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok all the best and do inform me if it works.