Firebase empty base error!

I Have tried a lot but still, I am getting an empty bucket every time I am sending the data to the firebase.
Please Help


As I can see, you’ve entered a Wrong Project Bucket name.

I marked your main and sub buckets…

That means i need to change the project bucket name from Pauite Chat to paultechat-5e55b

project bucket name should be User or affan as you set in Firebase…

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You’ve to set the bucket name you’re trying to write inside.

leave that empty , and in blocks you can set it to anyone where you are calling data, from user or from affan, set it to user if calling data from users,use, set project bucket to, before calling get data

NOO The user and affan are project bucket created by the user as shown in the image
project bucket - phone_number

First of all, please clear what you are trying to do? Trying to writing the Database or Calling it?

This block is calling data… Not writing…

When i am clearing the data base and try writing it all new its again creating a blank data base and the writing into it.

Why the second bucket is empty?

If you want to add new users , then User is the bucket you should use… And, if you want to store data in affan bucket then use it. Hope I’m clear.

while calling the data from data base i am not getting the data because it is inside the blank project bucket

No, it’s not inside a blank bucket. You have used the wrong bucket.

Set the bucket name, You’re trying to call data from.

see this

You’ve not linked it correctly…

so do i need to change the project bucket name from paulte chat to other

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Look at this…

If you’re having problem sorting this problem, you can send aia so that we can help you.

ok but if for example, I am trying to call data from the affan the first it will go to " " bucket then affan and then the data Right??

You can call data directly from any Sub Bucket simply by changing Firebase URL.