Firebase error : access denied

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Hi !
I’ve got a problem to link my firebase account and my kodular one. I need your help, they told me on google that I have to download the json file and upload it in assets. But when I try to run the app using the firebase I’ve got a notifer : “access denied”.
That for your grat job on this platform !!:grin::smile:

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following the google firebase tutorial

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Android version

very recent

What is your RULE set for the database?

If it is like this, you will have a problem.

“rules”: {
“.read”: false,
“.write”: false

Change it to this just to test.

“rules”: {
“.read”: true,
“.write”: true

the rule is the open one. Every one can write on the datebase. solved the access problem thx. But now it cant read the tag from the database. No value detected. Help me plsss ; (

paste the JSON of the database and the bucket name you use please

So I have to export the json file from every single database to kodular ?

no, just paste what the database looks like here so I can see the tags

That’s it. That means that it doesn’t read the tag in my online Firebase.
It is supposed to show a serie of number.