Firebase Error: "Previous value was empty"

Hello everyone,

We are developing an app where we record users’ speech, convert it to a wav file, and upload it to Firebase for further processing.

The app was running without errors until recently, when the message ‘Firebase Error: “Previous value was empty”’ started popping up whenever users finish recording.

Wav files are still uploaded on Firebase despite the error message, so we’re not sure how to make the message go away.

Here are the code blocks that we think are relevant. We have already read other posts with similar issues (e.g., this one), but we don’t know whether their solutions apply to our issue since none of us are very familiar with Kodular (we outsourced app development to an external vendor who we lost contact with).

We appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you in advance!

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the author wrote :
Its time to solve the Append Error, just set the Blocks as given below"

Hi @Rogerio_Rios, thank you for your suggestion! I read the post and I noticed that our blocks are different from theirs in that the Firebase_Database1 block is called only once (in my original question) to append a value to the db, while the block is called three times in the guide to get, store, and append the value. While it would make sense that this difference is the cause of our error, the app was running without errors until recently, which is puzzling.

I also realized that there is another potential cause of the error. Someone seems to have disabled the linked database on Firebase, and I believe this is when errors started to occur. After enabling it again, the database now looks like this:

And I checked the Designer on Kodular Creator and the project bucket name should be “FileList.” How should I reconstruct this database so that it will look like the one before it got disabled?

I am sorry, I am aware that these are all beginner’s question, but I would appreciate any advice from anyone.

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