Firebase error shown in app

app shows firebase error in android version above 7 on android version 8,9,10 and on android version 7 and below is completely ok i found error in higher versions how can i solve this please tell app version code 1

Hi @Mugesh_Shaw Welcome to Kodular Community.
If you are using Firebase Database,
It says that in your tag you have used invalid characters such as β€œ#” " ," β€œ$” etc.
Please remove those characters.
If your problem is not solved please add the image of your blocks.

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i found nothing problem with my blocks and even app is working properly in lower android version mobiles 5,6and7 and shown firebase error in android version 8,9and10 if i use any invalid characters in blocks how is it possible in lower versions please say me how to solve this

Don’t use β€œ.”

Try Removing β€œ/” from your tags.
Also there may be invalid characters in the Device ID.

Where it is used in blocks I am unable to find it please show this for and then how firebase accept ,". in lower Android versions

You are trying to store Device ID which may contain invalid characters.

You can’t deny the rules by Firebase.

Are you getting any errors as Firebase will support the lower versions of Android.

Your this problem is solved or not?