Firebase ESP32 / Arduino Without Quotation Marks?

Describe your issue

Data sent to Firebase through “Firebase_Database” block is automatically added into these things= “x”.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Activate this block:

Expected Behaviour

…should be uploaded to Firebase. (it is possible, as the ESP32 Firebase library I am using uploads boolean data as it is, without adding " ")

Actual Behaviour

It uploads this to Firebase:

Android version

Minimum SDK API 21
Tried it on Android 11

It is not a bug… Continue to work on it… While retrieving you will get without "

Ok it uploads to firebase like this


Have you tested what you get ? You get true without " "

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Yes, maybe, if you only use the app to access the Firebase database.

However, I access the database from ESP32 (microcontroller). The ESP32 library I am using, if you tell it to upload boolean, it will upload just boolean (so -true- without the " ").

I could just change the code for the microcontroller to work with strings , instead of booleans or numbers (that too get put into these! “5”). However, that greatly complicates things.

(also im not sure, but doesnt string take more bandwith and processing power? Imagine you want to scale the app you made with Kodular. Now you have to pay more money for Firebase just because it uploads strings.)

Ideally, if you connect a boolean block into the Store value block, it should automatically upload data as a boolean type. Same applies for numbers.

Maybe you can overcome this using web component …

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Yes thanks, got it to work.
But still, maybe put it on a Do-When-Bored To-Do List? It would really help. Thanks

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If problem solved mark solution in order to help others

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