Firebase for nested data storage?

Ok, I don’t know if ‘branched/tree’ data storage makes any sense, coz I made it up now. I worked with firebase a looong time ago. But now when I opened it, many new things have been added. (Something like collections, documents, fields, etc etc ie cloud firestore)
I know how to simply store and get values like this:

Etc etc.

But I need to know if I can do this:
Test2 =55

I hope you are getting the idea. I want multiple variables to be linked with a unique ID, and through that, I should be able to get data from all those variable.

It’s easy to do this in Airtable, but since only 5 requests can be made/sec, I don’t want to take that risk.

Can anyone help me with this nested/branched (idk) data storage problem?

Ok, this what happened last time when I opened a topic about firebase. No one responds:expressionless:

Only 6 hours passed. This means not late for forums/communities.

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This guide might help you

There’s some stuff about creating groups of data which might address your issue.

Thank you so much! Does this mean that if I store a value with tag ‘marks/exam1’ , ‘exam1’ will be created as a child of ‘marks’?

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You can separate child tags with “/”

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Thank you!!!:smile:

I got one more doubt. How many nested child tags can you make? I mean can you do this:

You can make an infinite number of child tags. But it is generally advised to keep the nesting to a max of 3 levels. Due to the way Firebase works, fetching a tag first fetches all its parents. So multiple nested layers can slow down your app significantly.

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Oh, I didn’t know that. Well, i need only 3 levels. Thank you for your help!!:grinning:

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