Firebase "GetTagList" pattern

Hello community, I need to know the pattern that firebase follows in order to get the tag list.

I noticed that at least it is not ascending order

When you add new tags in firebase it is sorted out in ascending order. (Only in firebase database)

But when you call tag list then it is not sorted out in ascending order.

So, if you want to sort out tag list in ascending order then use list utilities extension.

Use sort list block from list utilities extension.

I need to know the pattern order when I call the tag list.

As in my app my tags are long number IDs and I need to get tags/values in ascending ID order.

(I saw in the forum that tags 1,2,3,4,5 does not return anything, but from 10 and on yes it returns)

If your all tags are numbers then get tag list will not work.

Add a non numerical tag in it .

And for sorting out your tag list use list utilities extension. It sort out tags from 1,2…

It does work with long numbers and I have already trying sorting the list before asking for the tags/values but firebase get the values in a random order that Im trying to figure out the pattern - As you can see the first second picture it orders them ok (100 200 300 400) but in the first one doesnt. (40 30 20 10)

Why not you try with list utilities extension.

Just place sort list block in between these two blocks.

Yep, thats what I am using in my app but sometimes it get the values from the ordered list with tags and sometimes it gets them in a wrong order. Thats why Im trying to understand the gettaglist pattern :frowning:

Im trying to figure why the hell it does not work out for a week now :frowning: Can you please help me?

Look, now, same exact procedure, it returns the tags/values in disorder

Try by placing one more sort list block in between label text and get value.

Yes, it will sort the list but the thing is after that I can’t select list item from that new list. Somebody told me I’ve got to delete the empty list within but i don’t have a clue on how to do that or if there is another solution. Note: I need to create that list (!) because I need to select the item after I create the list (In my app each item got many items inside the items)

What can i do to be able to select each item?

Why are you using for each item loop? Just set label2 text to select list item, list global list, index 1

Thats the note (!) I left above. This is just a test, my app needs to have list within list as I need to use them to create cardviews unfortunately And each cardview relies on the item within the item in that list. So I need to figure out the way to use that list created this way

I didn’t understand what you are exactly trying to do. But if you use your tags as numbers from 1, 2,3 then you can get it in ascending order. Tell me if i am wrong.

Ok, let me show you a more detailed example. Its correct what you said, but my cardviews can not be 1 2 ,3 ,4, each of them has an ID. So this is what I need;

Now you understand me? Sorry if im not being clear. Thats why I need list inside list

P.S: So this error pops up when I sort the list - But i need that list sorted because if not, the cardviews will not be in order.