Firebase google auth

make sure check everything again like settings json file and json file name must be correct,

1 last thing you can check is Package name…
Sometime because of package it’s happen so check it @gopayarg

hi @Alapjeet, @ImranTariq, ive checked the package name, the google-services.json file, and that google is enabled in the auth section, still cant seem to get it to work, login and signup with email and password is working fine, but google sign in is not.

what is configuration in firebase auth? which method you have set there?

Ive got email and google, ive added the client ID to google auth:

have you saved json file after configure this?

I have, i updated the google-services.json file in my assets, just in case. I dont understand, email login works, google does not.

I was sure to add the clientID to Google Auth.

It seems I have to get the SHA-1 key from my app and add it on firebase, any idea of how I do that?

that needs for otp sms i think. for google you dont needs that.

Than I don´t know whats wrong, i´ve got everything set up and it does not work.

@ImranTariq I added the SHA-1 Keystore to firebase and now Google sign in is working!


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Are you using Firebase on any additional screens? I keep getting Access Denied on my other screens when I try to access Firebase after my log in screen.

Hi Gary, I am, after log in I go to another screen.

After log in I get current user and go to main screen.

And firebase works fine on the other screens with rules in place?

Hi Gary, sorry, no, I’m having the same issue. I still have my rules set to read, write: true.

A simple

“rules”: {
“.read” : “auth != null”,
“.write” : “auth != null”,

Will give me permission denied, i will have to work on this, i’ll let you know if I figure ir out. In my case secure rules are super important.

Thanks for the reply. I’m still trying to figure this out. My users are showing in Authenticated and I’m checking to make sure they are logged in before I even open the home screen of the app, so I know they are. I’m still getting Permission Denied. Are you using Realtime Database or Firestore? is that the issue we are running into?

Hey Gary, I´ve been trying to figure this out for days, I am using realtime database, can´t seem to find a reason for the permission denied, the rules are structured just like my database, and ive tried to follow the tutorials to no avail.

Im starting to think it might be an issue with the component itself, have not seen anyone get a real response to this issue in the past.

Thought this would help you out too.

Wow!! Thanks!

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