FIrebase Google Login doesn't work in AAB

Hello Koders,
I have made an app that uses Firebase Google account login to authenticate. the problem here is it works in the app but not in the AAB.
I have uploaded the googleservices.json already. attaching the blocks maybe I am Wrong there. please Help. it’s a little Urgent


You must also add the playstore sha-1 key to firebase.
Go to the link, select your app and copy the (SHA‑1 certificate fingerprint) and add it to firebase

How much time does it take to changes to take place ?

It should be immediate, you don’t need to update the AAB

doesn’t work still

I told you SHA-1, and you put SHA-256

I put both (should i remove 256 ?)

SHA1 key added in Firebase must be same from which the AAB is signed and also add another SHA1 key from Play Store as suggested above.

There must be 2 SHA1 keys, one from Kodular and one from Play Store.

so i should put SHA1 key of Kodular & Play Store both (only SHA1) ?

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still does not work. Reinstalled the App too

Then something is wrong with your setup, watch setup videos on youtube and try again.

Yes, I figured out my mistake. Thank you

well done, could you tell us where the problem was?

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I had two apps of different package linked to same project (ecosystem of apps) so I got confused & forgot to select the right package