Firebase help needed

Hello. I am making a general application.
What I want is this: When user click play button, it will get random data from firebase and print it in text box and send it as chat How can I do this

  1. Create some tag in firebase and put some values there.

  2. Now create make a list with created tags, and use select random items from list.

  3. Use the random tag and call data from firebase.

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I saved the data with store value, instead of the label, I took the 1to100 command in mathematics because it needs a separate tag for each question. Now I don’t know how to get that data, can you please tell me with block picture?

I’ll send you blocks soon

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Thank you so much

I would appreciate if you show how to get random data when the button is clicked.

Example for get random values by tag from firebase.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

You are most welcome dear @Anar

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