[Firebase] How to get "emailVerified" from response?

You have to decode the JSON first

Yea Right, Sorry I forgot to show that in the blocks. Extremely Sorry @SVasco. Thanks for pointing it out @cian

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Got it!

Thank you so much for your help guys :+1:

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I have done as you guys suggested in post but still I am not getting response. Please help me to bulid my app

These are my blocks

Don’t use usernames in a post to get attention. I removed them.

Sorry this chat was closed so I have tag them, from next time I will keep this in mind

Can you post your response here?

When I am trying to verify then I am not geting any response

Did you call the Url in a web browser first and test it? Also i see a space after you type key=

Thank you for pointing out that but I rectified it eariler, I tried call the URL in Web Browser.

After making some changes I am getting response in the application too but now have another problem

I have attached the Runtime error screenshot and the block diagram in the picture below. Please check if I am missing or misplacing blocks in this.

Thank You

Can you post your responseContent here without the lookup in pairs blocks

This is response what I am reciving with out look up pair
Screenshot (318)a

in the look up in pairs key : emailVerified block replace the pairs with listData

@Abhijith_Dominic replaced the emailverified with the listData as you suggested, please refer the picture

But still it is showing error, which is below
Screenshot (321)b

You did it wrong…
replace the pairs with listData

I changed it as you suggested and it worked totally :smile:. Thanks alot buddy .

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