[Firebase] It is possible, after a SignUp, Disable the user account?

Using Firebase…

It is possible, after a SignUp, Disable the user account, and Enable/Activate it only when the email is confirmed (with a confirmation email link)?

If yes, how to do that?

Thank you.

nikhilbobade27, ok, thank you!

yes it is possible


Thank you for reply!

Can you explain how to do that?

goto firebase-
2.select user from right Dot point
and then mange your user


The idea is good, but the questions is about using Kodular blocks/code, not using it manually!

yes through kodular you can use their Api for everything
like reset password,Acitivate deactivated account,manage users etc.

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Can you inform me what are the appropiate blocks/component to do that?

The Kodular Component doesn’t have that blocks for now but you can do it using API.


Ok, thank you for help!

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try to search some appropriate video…
i am giving you one…it may help you to set API

now i hope you can do properly :blush:


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Thank you m8 :wink: Checked!

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Always welcome :blush:

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