Firebase item filter in the list

Good morning
I have a firebaase base like in the picture. I make a general list where I can see my products in my app. But I would also like sometimes to recover in a list only data to filter according to a field.
For example: I have 3 organic products and 6 normal products, I want a list that is displayed only with organic products and that this list can be saved in tinydb at the same time.


First you need to get full list from firebase then filter it as per your need using any list filter extension then use filtered list.

Use .indexOn rule in fb

With pics is better

In your ex , i cont find organic or natural product. indexOn method will do better with number and asc or dec. If you add anything specifically for orga and nature with int then it may be possible else get all dat and compare with lists…

Yes sorry my pics is the good firebase. how to filter this data base (the word is UGIVC or GRID or EXERCICE) and store in my app ?